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Jerry Yester, Steve Boone, Joe Butler, Lena Beckett, Mike Arturi

Live at the Hotel Seville

The Lovin' Spoonful

1.  You Didn't Have To Be So Nice  (Sebastian/Boone)
2.  Never Going Back  (Stewart)
3.  Nashville Cats  (Sebastian)
4.  Fishin' Blues  (Trad.)
5.  Jug Band Music  (Sebastian)
6.  Younger Girl  (Sebastian)
7.  Full Measure  (Sebastian/Boone)
8.  Didn't Want To Have To Do It  (Sebastian)
9.  Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind (Sebastian)
10. Six O'Clock  (Sebastian)
11. Daydream  (Sebastian)
12. Summer In The City  (Sebastian/Boone)
13. Do You Believe In Magic  (Sebastian)
14. Henry Thomas  (Sebastian)
15. Don't You Just Know It  (Smith)