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John B.Sebastian

John Sebastian, Dallas Taylor, Harvey Brooks, Paul Harris, Danny Weiss, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Ray Neopolitan, Burt Collins & friends, Graham Nash, Buddy Emmons, Bruce Langhorne, The Ivettes, Isaac Andino, Buzzy Linhart, Jose Cuervo & Yesterday's Horns, Gayle Levant, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Beutens & friends

All songs by John B. Sebastian

1.  Red Eye Express

2.  She's A Lady

3.  What She Thinks About

4. Magical Connection

5.  You're A Big Boy Now

6.  Rainbows All Over Your Blues

7.  How Have You Been

8.  Baby, Don't Ya Get Crazy

9.  The Room Nobody Lives In

10. Fa-Fana-Fa

11. I Had A Dream