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The Lovin' Spoonful

Do You Believe In Magic

John Sebastian
Zalman Yanovsky
Steve Boone
Joe Butler
piano: Jerry Yester

1.  Do You Believe In Magic  (Sebastian)
2.  Blues In The Bottle  (Sebastian/Yanovsky/Boone/Butler)
3.  Sportin' Life  (Sebastian/Yanovsky/Boone/Butler)
4.  My Gal  (Sebastian/Yanovsky/Boone/Butler/Kenskin/Jacobsen)
5.  You Baby (Mann/Weill/Spector)
6.  Fishin' Blues  (Trad, arr.Sebastian)
7.  Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind  (Sebastian)  
8.  Wild About My Lovin' (Trad.)
9.  Other Side Of This Life   (Neil)
10. Younger Girl  (Sebastian)
11.  On The Road Again  (Sebastian)
12. Night Owl Blues  (Sebastian)   - Instrumental